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About Us

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We are a company with over 15 years of experience in international freight transport. Thanks to our staff and team, we maintain a portfolio of satisfied customers all these years. That is our top priority!

Our goals


Expand our terrestrial transport of goods as well as within our field of action in whole of Europe with a special focus on East European markets, with daily departures throughout the year.

To provide our customers a better quality of services or communication either in control of their goods throughout the land travel.

Ensure the collection and punctual deliveries, according to the charge and discharge instructions indicated by the clients, always meeting the standards set forth in the transit CMR law.

Achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers, using such human resources and all available means

Our quality policy requires a contínuos process of evolution to provide professional ground transportation service adapted to the needs of our customers and the demands of the current market

During several years of experience and hard work of our team in the European market, we won the trust of many customers and the name of a serious company, performing top quality services.


Martin Vlcko
Chief Executive

Telf: 00376 870 900

Armanda Vasconcelos
Portugal Office Manager and Commercial Department

Tel.:+376 870 925 / +351 253 054 527

Sofia Ferreira
Commercial Department

Telf: 00376 870 900

Paula Oliveira
Financial and account Manager

Telf: 00376 870 900





A young and dinamic team, competent and with big experience in the world of the international transport, knowing as well the diverses sociocultural realities and european languages.

Our group permit us have a big fleet of vehicles that can make any type of road transport service: full frigo loads, industrial full loads, and part loads …

Our extensive net of agents and good collaborators permit us offer transport services in the whole continent, with stable rutes made by experienced drivers.




Encamp Portugal

  • Rua professor Machado Vilela, 110 / 6º andar, sala 1  Freguesia de S. Vitor
    4715-045 Braga
  • +351 253 054 527
  • armanda@encamptl.com

ENCAMP ESLOVAQUIA (Almacén logístico)