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Informática e Telecomunicações

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It is the reality, need, future opportunity... It's certainly something that accompanies us daily. Introduction of new technologies that have improved not only in transport, but considerably in communicating with customers, improving the quality and time savings for both parties. Because of the importance in the future of this relatively new industry,

we have developed a new division dedicated to telecommunications. After studying the market taking advantage of experience in this industry in 2014, we were finally able to launch distribution new products for telecommunications, Mobiola. Available to all customers at www.mobiola.ad or  www.mobiola.cz.





Encamp Portugal

  • Rua professor Machado Vilela, 110 / 6º andar, sala 1  Freguesia de S. Vitor
    4715-045 Braga
  • +351 253 054 527
  • armanda@encamptl.com

ENCAMP ESLOVAQUIA (Almacén logístico)