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  • Team

An organized and highly motivated team. The company invests in its employees rewarding and forming the development & nbsp; personal and professional of eachone.


  • Leader in eastern countries market 

With a wide customer base in sectors such as Energy, Telecommunications, Steel, Food sector. With 16 years of experience in the market. 


  • Strategy

During the negotiation of the proposal, we present to the potential customer, a strategic model applicable to your needs.


  • Tools

As professionals, our trucks are equipped with the most current market tools to provide better service.


  • Quality and Safety 

We propose the best solutions in a flexible way for our customers to work with the maximum normality, and do not feel affected by unforeseen situations during transport, production or distribution chains.


  • Projects

The company is developing a plan and an important project for the coming years. Which wll ensure your growth in the long term.







A young and dinamic team, competent and with big experience in the world of the international transport, knowing as well the diverses sociocultural realities and european languages.

Our group permit us have a big fleet of vehicles that can make any type of road transport service: full frigo loads, industrial full loads, and part loads …

Our extensive net of agents and good collaborators permit us offer transport services in the whole continent, with stable rutes made by experienced drivers.




Encamp Portugal

  • Rua professor Machado Vilela, 110 / 6º andar, sala 1  Freguesia de S. Vitor
    4715-045 Braga
  • +351 253 054 527
  • armanda@encamptl.com

ENCAMP ESLOVAQUIA (Almacén logístico)